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Ebb Medical is a Swedish pharmaceutical company established 2011 in Karlskrona (southern Sweden). Ebb Medical has since 2011 a wholesale distribution license issued by the Swedish national authority - The Medical Products Agency.

We provide the Swedish pharmacies with parallel imported/distributed prescription drugs to a lower price than the corresponding approved product, the so called direct imported product. We also participate in public tenders for pharmaceuticals used in hospitals and primary care centers. Our products are distributed by Tamro.

Ebb Medical is a shareholder of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance (Läkemedelsförsäkringen). This ensures that patients using our pharmaceutical product and suffers a medication-related illness or injury have the right to have his/her injury investigated by the Swedish Pharmaceutical Insurance Service and if relevant, receive compensation from the insurance.
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Parallel import


Parallel import is based on the free movement of medicines within EU/EEA. The prices of medicinal products differ between the countries within EU/EEA due to the individual market conditions in each country. Parallel import is the process of sourcing original medicinal products from a country where the price is lower and then selling them in a different country where the price is higher.

Ebb Medical purchase original products or generic products from authorised wholesalers. The products are repacked into Swedish labelled packages together with a Swedish patient information leaflet before they are sold on the Swedish market. The repackaging process is performed by an authorised manufacturer with a valid manufacturing license (GMP license) issued by the national authority.

All medicinal products marketed in Sweden by Ebb Medical must be approved by the Medical Product Agency or the corresponding European Medicines Agency.